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New Technology and Innovation

TOP 10 Future Aircraft

Published: 08/24/2015

We took a look into what is being developed for tomorrow. 10. PAK TA9. RQ 1808. Venus Aircraft7. Aeromobil 3.06. Jaxa Hypsersonic Plane5. Lockheed Martin N 24. Spike S5123. Aerion AS22. SR-721. Skylon SpaceplaneMusic:"Synergy in Matrix"By MusicalmanPurchased Licence from PremiumBeat ...Read More

Cool new army tire technology - NO FLAT TIRE INNOVATION

Published: 08/24/2015

Watch This If You Want To Smile: ...Read More

Future Transportation Technology Will Blow Your Mind

Published: 08/24/2015

Watch More INteresting videos and documentaries (HD) Dubai's Luxury Life - 720p HD Full Documentary Advanced Humanoid Robots :Rise of Machine(Special Documentary) Into the 21st Century : Future Technologies (Special Documentary) Things That Will Happen In The Future (Full Documentary) Future Secrets Military Weapons #Mind Blow ... ...Read More

Walmart Advanced Vehicle Experience Concept Truck

Published: 08/24/2015

The Walmart Advanced Vehicle Experience concept truck is the latest in our fleet efficiency program. The one-of-a-kind prototype offers a whole package of firsts. The tractor has very advanced aerodynamics and is powered by a prototype advanced turbine-powered, range-extending series hybrid powertrain. The trailer is made almost exclusively with ... ...Read More


Published: 08/24/2015

These are the cars that are going happen in year 2020 ...Read More

Tron Light Bike ( Lithium Powered ) - Electric Motorcycle

Published: 08/24/2015 . Donate Donate . Gotta admit, as a Milwaukee kid there is something about the throaty roar of a Harley Davidson that warms the cockles. But the all-electric Light Cycle modeled after the machines in Tron makes a head-snapping case for whisper-quiet technology.It is the creation of ... ...Read More

Gibbs Quadski

Published: 08/24/2015

Confira o vídeo de apresentação do Gibbs Quadski, veículo anfíbio equipado com motor da linha BMW K 1300 que mescla as qualidades de quadriciclo e moto aquática. Confira mais notícias no site ...Read More

Watercar! Chasing a Dream

Published: 08/24/2015

Fastest Amphibious Cars in the World - - Python Edition (prototype only) On this episode of The Downshift, we follow Watercar through their journey to build the world's fastest amphibious vehicle. After nearly a decade of development, Watercar believe's their prototype is almost ready for production.The Downshift appears ... ...Read More

10 Future Cities

Published: 08/24/2015

From cities in the ocean to one that is floating in the sky, we take a look at 10 future cities. ...Read More

10 Future Technologies That Will Change The World

Published: 08/24/2015

From screenless displays to wireless electricity, I take a look at 10 future technologies that will change the world. ...Read More

Underwater Highway, Busan Korea (Engineering Megastructures)

Published: 08/24/2015

Underwater Highway, Busan Korea (Engineering Megastructures)Great Engineering Projects :- Under water highway project in Busan, S.Korea. Credit:History life discovery science technology tech learning education TLC national nature geographic earth planet channel universe BBC a&e architecture structure car cars transportation mega super ocean Busan George Korea city building construction road ... ...Read More

World Top 10 Beautiful Underwater Hotels

Published: 08/24/2015

World Top 10 Beautiful Underwater Hotels10. The Lifeboat Hotel-At the number ten we have the lifeboat hotel; it is not an actual underwater hotel but a water hotel with entire new concept which is liked by the people. It is situated in Netherlands and gives amazing food and lovely ... ...Read More

30-Story Building Built In 15 Days - FUTURE TECH

Published: 08/23/2015

What can you accomplish in 360 hours? The Chinese sustainable building company, Broad Group, has achieved another impossible feat - building a 30-story tall hotel in 360 hours.You may ask "why so fast?" and "is it safe?" Prefabricated modular buildings have many advantages: Higher precision in fabrication ( /- ... ...Read More

Cars of the Future
[Full Documentary]

Published: 08/22/2015

Car Technology of the FutureOne perspective of what automobiles of the future might be capable of.Since this is a few years old now, how have our perspectives changed? Please discuss bellow: ...Read More

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