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Learn the Different Ways of Cooking Bratwursts


Learn the Different Ways of Cooking Bratwursts

Date: 05/11/2014

Bratwursts are basically German-style sausages that use either pork, veal, or beef as a major ingredient. To give these special sausages a uniquely palatable taste, people usually add nutmeg, ginger, and pepper to spice up their flavors. More often than not, these sausages are also served with sauerkraut, which is basically a special cabbage dish, sandwiched together in a regular bread roll. Aside from this, there are still many other ways of cooking bratwursts. Three of the most common ways of doing this is either by adding beer, by grilling it, or by cooking it in water.

Cooking Bratwursts in Beer

From the many different ways of cooking bratwursts, one of the simplest and most interesting ways of doing so is by using beer. More importantly, a tablespoon of butter, ¼-sliced sweet onion, and four bratwursts are needed to cook this tasty dish. In a regular-sized pot, pour in at least two bottles of beers, before adding butter and allowing it to melt into a syrupy form. Wait until the liquid turns very hot before adding the sliced onions and German sausages inside the pot. Allow the syrup to dry until it sticks completely to the sausages. Using regular hotdog buns, place the bratwursts inside the buns and then top them each with sauerkraut for a truly tasty and satisfying meal.

How to Grill Bratwursts

Aside from cooking the bratwursts in beer, people can also make something special out of this dish by grilling them. After the beer has turned into a syrupy substance, remove the sausages from the pot and then place them on top of a charcoal grill. Allow them to stay for at least four to five minutes for each side until they are completely cooked. Make special sandwiches once again, this time using baguettes or hotdog buns, before adding cooked onions and mustard for richer taste and flavor.


In the meantime, a skillet can also be used in this simple process if ever there is no grill available at home. Place the bratwursts in a skillet together with the syrupy beer mix, then wait for a few minutes until the liquid part of the dish completely evaporates and turn into a flavor-rich coating for the sausages. Once again, use hotdog buns or other forms of bread wherein the sausages can fit perfectly well. Add mustard, onions, as well as other extra flavorings for a tastier and more delightful outcome.

Cooking Bratwursts in Water

For individuals who do not want their bratwursts in beer, they can use water instead to cook their sausages. Using a frying pan, fill at least half of it with water before putting in the sausages. To make the cooking process as smooth as possible, be sure not to soak the entire sausages under the water. Furthermore, use a fork to make some holes on the bratwursts, which will allow them to cook properly from the inside out. Put the stove switch into medium heat, and then cover the pan until the liquid inside completely dries out. After a few more minutes, remove the cover and wait for the sausages to cook completely before adding in the onions, mustard, as well as other flavorings.

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