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LEt's Hear It For The Wedding Chocolate Favors

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LEt's Hear It For The Wedding Chocolate Favors

Written By: Wedding Chocolates
Date: 04/27/2014

Belgian chocolate is one of the best chocolates in the world. But then again it doesn't have to be belgium chocolate to create a mouth watering effect to those people who crave for sweets. Wedding Chocolates are simply a quality choice as a wedding favor.

But then, chocolates are not just a token given to someone special on a special event. Chocolate wedding favors have become one of the greatest items a couple could use in their wedding as a favor If it is going to be your own wedding, perhaps you might as well consider this option.

It's just to show that a wedding favor is not anymore particular to a home décor but it can now also be a usable or an edible thing. Intimacy and passion comes to mind when talking chocolates.

Perhaps it is the reason why they have been used as one of the options in the line up of wedding favors. And to make wedding chocolate favor more suitable for a wedding, different molds have been created to shape the chocolate into designs that would suit any type of wedding. Of course there are other tastes available as well in mint, dark, or white chocolate, and these can be appropriately matched with a particular shape of wedding chocolate favors.

Wedding chocolate favors can fit a royal wedding theme, an outdoor wedding, or Disney-type topic wedding. A chocolate favour lollipop can take about any shape or designs that could fit a wedding celebration. Those heart-shaped chocolate favors that have a design in the middle are the simplest design that you can have.


You can also use an oval, round, or rectangular forms since they are wide enough to make more patterns in the middle of the chocolate. Some of the more unique shapes in the wedding chocolates design world would be wedding gown, tuxedo, bride and groom image, flowers such as rose and calla lily, birds such as swan and dove, castle, wedding bell, wedding cake, and even elegant fans.

Furthermore, these chocolaty designs can also be modified a bit and use them as a wedding chocolate cake topper or centerpiece. You can add some more accessories to your chocolate favors.

A colorful mini stick and a ribbon can turn your favor lolly into a more amazing wedding favor. But Then, you can also give those chocolate wedding favors a personal touch if you want to. Individualized chocolate favors are also more inviting because your guest will see that you have put some extra effort into creating them

Looking for the best wedding favor can be alot of fun that you and your partner can do together. When you pick out to have chocolates as your wedding favor, rest assured that you and your spouse will share that sweet moment; designing your wedding motif together..

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