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Chocolate Mask Chocolate Facial


Chocolate Mask Chocolate Facial

Written By: Nicolas Setiono
Date: 07/20/2015

Who do not like chocolate ? The sweet flavour make chocolate preferred by women and men, from young children to adults but for women, chocolate also can increasing body weight.

In addition increasing the body weight, chocolate is also believed to be able to make some problem on the teeth, and dangerous for diabetics. In fact, chocolate actually has antioxidants that can maintain heart health, lower blood pressure, and cause relax feelings. That is not less important, that chocolate can be used as cosmetics for the beauty.

Chocolate really can be used as material to beautify the skin. This fruit have nutritions that are useful for skin health, such as maintaining skins softness and skins humid, tighten and refine the skin, anti aging and also prevent wrinkling in the face. This fruit can also be a mask for the face. It's not difficult to make this kind of mask.

To make chocolate mask, prepare the dark chocolate which had high chocolate nutrition, full cream milk powder and salt. You should do first is a thaw the chocolate and mixing it with salt and full cream milk powder.

Mix it until all mixed properly. Cooled the chocolate until the temperature reaching room temperature. Then scrab in the face carefully and leave for 15-30 minutes. After that cleans your face. The result, you feel your face are more fresh from the previous.


If you have a scar or former pimple, there is also a type of chocolate mask that can refine and pustule ex-obscure former that is not desired. You still need to provide dark chocolate, but with sugar instead of salt.

This mask mix does not need full cream milk powder. Other materials that you need to provide is honey and butter. Both materials have the effect to humidify and as the antiseptic.

The way to make it is still same with the first chocolate mask. Thaw the dark chocolate and mixing it with remaining ingredients until mixed properly. After cold, then scrab in the face carefully and leave for 10-15 minutes, then remove.

A more unique from this comestible relish of childrens is chocolate is not only good for the skin of the face but also good for the body skins.

For the purposes of this one, try to wash all over your body with chocolate bath soap. It's easy to make it. Prepare the dark chocolate, bath soap liquid without aroma, and full cream milk liquid. Heat the liquid milk then melt the chocolate slices into it. Mix the dough with liquid soap bath until mixed properly.

Pour liquid soap chocolate on the bathtub which contain warm water. Poke little the water in order to make frothy water. Now you can bath. Liquid soap chocolate will make you feel more calm and relax. Will be very fit if you try this at the weekend to releasing your stress after five or six working days.


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