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Chocolate Truffles - Long and Delicious History


Chocolate Truffles - Long and Delicious History

Written By: Anna O'Malley
Date: 07/20/2015

The chocolate truffle is number one on every repertoire of richly decadent goodies ever found on earth! This scrumptious chocolate candy has been one of the most popular forms of chocolate for quite a few centuries. At the heart of the chocolate truffle lies a superb history, right from its origins in France to its travels across Europe and its entrance into America and the rest of the world.

The year 1828 was deemed to be the greatest year in the history of chocolate-making, due to a new innovation called the cocoa press, which solidified chocolate by removing the cocoa butter. However, the most important period in the history of the chocolate truffle was 1879, the year Henri Nestle created the first milk chocolate.

Soon after, experiments on this milk chocolate conducted by chocolate producers in France and Switzerland led to the creation of the Ganache, which is essentially a combination of cream and solid chocolate melted together to form a smooth, velvety mixture. In the modern era, this ganache has become the inner core and heart of the chocolate truffle.  

Since the origins of the chocolate truffle were in France, it follows logic that the name should be French too! The truffle is a small wild mushroom found growing near tree roots in the deepest forests of France. Since the chocolate truffle resembles this little mushroom so much, the creators of this masterpiece decided that it should be named after it.

What's relatively unknown is the fact that the actual truffle was an exquisite dish; very expensive and eaten only by the royals and the extremely wealthy folks of France. Giving the new chocolate creation this name automatically elevated it to that status. And until today, the chocolate truffle is associated with wealth and luxury.  

The chocolate truffle soon found its way past the borders of France, into the welcoming lands of Europe. It became the newest sensation, tantalizing everyone with its sumptuous richness. Not long after, it was introduced to North America, and most other parts of the world. 

By the early 1900s, many chocolate producers worldwide had begun making their own chocolate truffles to compete with the originals. Although they are all made in the same manner, no one makes them better than the French! This fact has been proven by the chocolate truffle contest held there every year. Entries from all the regions of France make an appearance in this contest, putting to shame other chocolate truffles!


A veritable treat for the palate, chocolate truffles are easy to make, scrumptious to taste, and lovely to present! There are many different types of chocolate truffles out there today, ranging from the original basic ones to the semi-sweet to the liquor-based. The difference in the making of the ganache leads to the extreme varieties of the chocolate truffle.  

There are three main types of chocolate truffles: American, Swiss and European. These types vary both in the method of producing the ganache, as well as in the basic ingredients used for the ganache. While the American chocolate truffle is essentially basic using milk and dark chocolate, the European version uses thick syrup of cocoa powder and butter. The Swiss type is completely different and makes use of dairy cream, which drastically reduces its shelf life.

The different types of chocolate truffles that can be found on most online chocolate shopping sites include dark chocolate classic truffles, milky almond truffles, chocolate cinnamon truffles, champagne truffles and French Chocolate truffles!

Chocolate truffles make a great chocolate dessert, and are usually served with fresh fruit, or on a sliver tray lined with sprigs of mint. These chocolate candies are extremely popular in chocolate gift baskets, creating an impression of luxury and caring. Other instances where the chocolate truffles can be enjoyed are high teas, breakfast on vacations, romantic picnics, or after a hard day at work!

The chocolate truffle has become synonymous to the quintessential luxury candy of the modern world. This creamy, buttery, smooth chocolate ganache rolled in semi-sweet cocoa powder has shown the world that heaven truly does exist on earth: And it is easily obtained by popping a chocolate truffle into your mouth!



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