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Here is What Our Customers Say! AND Why They Will Be Back!


The best Chinese food I have ever had.  Here is a list of why:

Sunday Champagne Brunch is a reasonably priced and delicious all you can't eat buffet.

Honey Walnut Shrimp, Mushu Pork, Hot and Sour Soup, House Special Beef, and the Orange Chicken are all great.

The staff is friendly and always happy to see you

Great for parties in the private side room

We have been going here for years as a family get together spot.  Our tradition is usually to go on Christmas Eve.  We have Chinese places nearby in Mission Viejo but we will always hop on the freeway to go down to New Mandarin Garden.  I am going back for brunch on December 22nd!
Ryan G. Mission Viejo, CA


This has been one of my favorite Chinese restaurants for decades now. The staff is so nice and funny and they sure know how to make it a great evening!  The food is delicious (the house special chicken is my favorite!) and the ambiance is relaxing. The shopping center parking lot is a bot tight and it can get super crowded very easily so just be prepared for that. Hope this place sticks around for a very very long time!
Jeremy Y., Seattle Washington


We did the special where you order entrees then add $3 per person for all this to be added to it. Hot tea was also served with our food. We had plenty to eat and to take home.  We will be back.  Food was really good and a lot of it.

Soup:Chef's Daily Soup
Appetizers: Egg Roll, Paper Wrapped Chicken and Fried Wonton
Entress: Served with Fried Rice, choice of one per person

Very reasonable affordable prices. Friendly staff.
Susie K, San Clemente CA


I will most definitely return here. Had the hot garlic shrimp lunch special & not only was it amazing, the service was quick, the price was right & the staff were very friendly. I look forward to coming back for some additional entrees as well as their dinner menu.
Brandon M. Vista CA


Delicious Chinese Food!

Take it from someone who grew up in SC!

Need I say more?
Matt H., Ladera Ranch CA


Oh man, you never feel like you have truly moved somewhere and felt at home until you find good local Chinese food. Well at least that is one of my prerequisites...
The honey walnut shrimp is the best I've ever had! Super crispy and fresh and the creamy honey sauce is put on at the last second (also delicious!). Very tasty soups, I wasn't wild about the hot and sour, but it was still good. The beef vegetable was more tasty. The cream cheese wontons also amazing! Super crispy, not overly stuffed or soggy. Drooling just thinking about it. I live like a 5 minute walk from here and it sure takes a lot of willpower to not give in.

The service is not the fastest, but it is enjoyable. The elderly man who served us was the most jovial, friendly guy. So sweet, and was inquiring about the baby I'm pregnant with and such. Big smile!

Also, a plus is that in every San Clemente "pennysaver" you can find a 10% off discount coupon for the restaurant.

Good classic family Chinese restaurant atmosphere. Overall, I'm very excited about this discovery!
Katie M. San Clemente CA


Best dine in chinees spot in san clemente!!
Ramses S., San Clemente CA


Love this place -----
Really nice people and my favorite waiter is Alan!!
Love the Orange Shrimp, Cilantro Beef and the Plain Noodles.

We go there at least every two weeks and have never had a bad meal!!
MJ Irvine CA


Honey walnut shrimp is amazing!! Highly recommended!!
If you like spicy food, try hot and sour Soup too!
It is a family style restaurant with friendly service which makes you feel like eating at home, it is different from those up-scaled American style Chinese restaurants :)
And, they have to-go too so it is a great price with quality genuine Chinese food when you don't feel like cooking that night! haha..
Corolyn P. Aliso Viejo, CA


Pretty authentic Chinese food served in a very traditional environment (i.e. waiters who are actually Chinese & still wear white shirts & black bow-ties, outdated 80s decor).  I know that's a turn off for some people, but for me, that means the food is REALLY good.

Their honey-walnut shrimp is the best in OC.  Perfectly fried large shrimp in a batter that's not to doughy, then tossed in a mayo-based honey sauce that is heavenly.

The sauteed dishes are really tasty, they use fresh veggies & proteins.  The sauces are perfect, not too greasy but are flavorful.  Definitely worth ordering take-out here rather than a Chinese fast food place.
Lisa M. San Clemente CA


Food is the best! The owners have been there for 25 years. Sunday brunch is wonderful. There is a 10% off your bill coupon in the Pennysaver each week. The place just needs a make-over. The bathroom always has a mop inside a bucket, stacked toilet paper, etc. I've eaten here since 1986 and my family loves it! There is also a mini side room if you want a birthday party, etc. Their dumplings, Kung Pao chicken and shrimp, cilantro beef, and soups are yummy.
CV San Clemente CA


All I have to say is Honey Walnut Shrimp!!!!  The best I have had at any Chinese place.


It won't disappoint.  Big juicy, big crisp, and succulent!!  Wow!
Ti B. South Pasadina CA


Best Chinese food ever!!!! I used to live in San Clemente and eat here 1-2 times a week it was so tasty. Now I love 1 1/2 hours away and I find myself craving it. I have tried other places and nothing ever measures up. My family even drives out special from las Vegas to eat here.

Reccommendations: Cilantro chicken, cheese wontons (I usually eat two orders myself), green beans, and egg foo young! Also for the ultimate pig out, the have a all you can eat Sunday brunch (sadly no cilantro chicken though :( )

I am surprised that they don't have a ton of reviews. The locals keep this place slammed with to go orders.
Elizabeth, Whittier CA


As good as it gets for a casual Chinese restaurant.

- Have been going here for 7 years .

- Their service has been consistently outstanding. The owner or the manager has always been more than friendly and truly cares about the guests' experience.

- They have an excellent sunday brunch with an amazing selection of items that they are very generous with. What's interesting is that their selection was not that great but they seemed to have upped the ante about a year or so ago.

- Their honey walnut shrimp is amazing! Truly amazing!

- Their prices are more than reasonable!
Linda T. Los Angeles CA


My favorite.  Their egg rolls have a hint of five-spice that is absolutely delicious, and their "daily soup" -- I can't describe it other than sour and sweet with cabbage and ground beef.  I don't know if it's Chinese, but I don't care.  It tastes wonderful.

Best potstickers I've ever had, too.

Their main entrees are excellent.  Never had a bad one.

They have a Sunday brunch that's okay.  It's kind of like a dim sum buffet with mimosas.  The shrimp har gao are wonderful, the rest is meh, and the price is a little high.  But hey, all you can eat, so if your goal is to stuff yourself silly, then mission accomplished!  Personally, I would pass on it in favor of a place that specializes in dim sum.

But lunch and dinner are definitely awesome, and don't forget those apps I mentioned above.  Quite possibly some of the best I've ever had.
Stephane P. San Clemente CA


My go to place when I want Chinese food in San Clemente.  Staff is extremely friendly and accommodating to my vegetarianism.  Food is always authentic and delicious.  Great for groups and families.  I always get the Moo Shu which I love there.
Andrew G. Redlands CA


The food is amazing! Some of my favs: Hot and Sour Soup (authentic and amazing!), House Special Chicken, Honey Walnut Shrimp, Chow Mein, Moo Shu Pork and  the String Beans! The Sunday Brunch is great for the days we want to try something other than our favorites including some dim sum items and unlimited champagne.
Bonnie H. San Diego CA


We've lived in SC for thirteen years and have seen Chinese restaurants come and go and have eaten at most. Traveled to San Juan Cap, Dana Point, etc, same deal. Word of mouth was that this place was good. Finally made our first visit and were very pleased. Sesame Chicken - very good. House Chow Mien - good. Hot and Sour Soup - in the top three I've ever had anywhere anytime. Definitely going back. Gotta try that Honey Walnut Shrimp!
Harry M. San Clemente CA


Since it was within walking distance from the house we were renting my husband and I decided to try it on our last night in town.  Wow, it was great.  Wished we would have tried it earlier during our visit.  Best Chinese food we have had in CA.  Good menu, fine service and nice enough atmosphere.  We will be back every time we are in San Clemente.
Barbara, Chandler AZ


New Mandarin Garden is such a treat! My family tries to go there every time we are in San Clemente. The food is an excellent mixture of traditional and American Chinese food. Some of our favorites are honey walnut shrimp (the best I've ever tasted!) hot and sour soup, moo shu pork, and house special chow mien. My 19 month old son loves the food, and the "noodles" keep him busy while we get to enjoy our food. The staff is so friendly and helpful. They've all been there as long as I've been eating at NMG, which has been about 5 years. I think it says a lot for a business if they have such loyal employees. I went to Sunday brunch for the first time lately and it was wondeful. They have a wide selection of food out buffet style with fresh fruit and cheesecake for dessert. It is a great way to try out the restaurant if you haven't been before.
Mary C. La Mirada CA


This restaurant has great food.  We recently moved to San Clemente & are seeking out the best restaurants.  We tried a couple of other small chinese restaurants, but none were good enough, so we kept looking.  We found this little gem tucked inside a small little "courtyard" style shopping center, off the beaten path.  Their Honey Walnut Shrimp is heavenly.  The patties of the Egg Foo Yung are huge.  Everything we have tried has been perfect.  Can't wait to go again!
Sylvia H. San Clemente CA


Had an early dinner here with the b.f. Our waiter was very friendly and attentive. We started off our meal with the Sizzling Rice Soup which was delicious. I love how the rice snaps, crackles and pops when they mix it in at your table. The chicken pieces in the soup were especially good- very tender with great flavor. I added just a dash of the low sodium soy sauce and it was perfect. Next came the fried pot stickers which were okay- I don't think I would order them again though. They were a little too big for my taste with too much filling. The sauce they serve them with is very good though. For dinner we had the House Beef and it was excellent! Tender and flavorful- couldn't stop eating it. We of course had to try the Honey Walnut Shrimp after reading all of the reviews on here. Verdict: BEST I've ever had. This is a dish I order at every Chinese restaurant I go to. It has been perfected here. Large, perfectly crispy shrimp in just a glaze of sweet sauce. Yum. The prices were about what you'd expect them to be- and the portions are quite large. We had plenty of leftovers to take home and I eat a lot. The decor is very cheesy and outdated but who the hell cares??! The food is great and the service is good. I will be coming back!
Yley S. San Clemente CA


best chinese food in so cal. sweet n sour pork. kung pow chicken, hot n sour soup.
Matias A. San Clemente CA


I was a salon owner back in the early 90's and never had time to cook myself dinner. I went to the New Mandarin Garden every day for dinner for 3 years. Now after over twenty years, I still enjoy this place out of all the Chinese restaurants I've been to in that time. Nancy and Jack have been more than wonderful to me in all of that time. I still come in and sit myself at my regular table and rarely have to change spots. I got hooked on the Sizzling rice soup and will include that in every meal. Sometimes as an appetizer and sometimes as a complete meal. For those first three years, they knew what I wanted when I walked in the door. I had them tweak the ingredients or brown the rice a bit more but when I sat down, it was hardly a few minutes would pass before once again, I would enjoy one of the BEST meals of my life. Over the years, I have probably turned on 63 or so people to this place that are now hooked as well. The quality of the food is impressively fresh. I have a hard time getting ginger sauce at any other Chinese restaurant but they serve the most delicious and fresh sauce I've ever had. Of course I am a fan for life. The way I'm treated and the food quality is unsurpassed.
The Travel B. San Clemente CA
The Travel B. San Clemente CA


I grew up in a bland food family. We never ate out. Mom only cooked the same handful of things over and over. I moved out when I was 18 to San Clemente. When I was 19 a coworker was literally appalled that I never had Chinese food. She took me here that night.

I let her order. She ordered enough for a family, because she wanted me to try all her favorites.


I have been in love with Chinese food...and this place in particular...ever since..

I've since moved more north, but have dragged many people here. I introduced my kids to Chinese food with this restaurant...when they were toddlers!

They've been eating hot and sour soup ever since! Ever seen a toddler eat hot and sour soup? These people have.
Kerry F. Rancho Santa Margarita CA
Kerry F. Rancho Santa Margarita CA


My family has been dining at New Mandarin Garden Restaurant for many years. The restaurant is owned by Jack and Nancy who know my mother as Mrs YumYum. Many of the dishes on their menu are excellent. I love the Sweet and Pungent Shrimp served in the evening only...excellent, this dish is consistently great! Our family enjoy the egg foo young, green beans with chicken, lemon fish, etc. Larry, Allen, and Alex are terrific waiters. Larry knows that my mother enjoys a glass of plum wine before dinner. The young woman with dark hair that helps at the tables is very good, too...I am sorry not to remember your name. My brother lives in Vista and Mom in SJC. The rest of us live in Michigan and Missouri. Our visits are only complete with the delicious food served here. Most sincerely, Mary Juneman M. Oberts, Michigan, Mrs Yum Yum's daughter


My family enjoys dining at Mandarin Garden Restaurant and i LOVE it. It's tucked away in a little shopping center, right off the main street in downtown San Clemente (off of Avenida Palizada). The food here is so fresh. When I order a vegetable dish, the veggies are delicious and the sauces and rice all wonderful. The walnut shrimp it...
kellygal_10 Goleta CA

Best Wor Won Ton Soup Anywhere!

My wife and I have been eating at the New Mandarin Garden for years. No matter what entree we order we always have the Wor Won Ton soup. We share the large bowl which you can make a meal of. We usually couple the soup with Mongolian Beef. For $20 you have a great meal and still take food home....
Lighthouse 2006 San Clemente CA


If you are ever within 50 miles of San Clemente, CA and you enjoy Chinese food, you need to take a detour to visit the New Mandarin Garden Chinese restaurant. My brother and I especially like the Sweet and Pungent Shrimp. My parents have lived in the area for 25 years and we affectionately refer to this restaurant as "Yum..
RonaldusJ Orlando FL


I love this place. They have great, fresh food and some great steamed dishes. My fave, steamed shrimp and vegetables with the spicy garlic sauce. And they offer brown rice. I usually get take out but when I have eaten at the restaurant, the service has been super friendly. The Old Town Plaza has a cool vibe to it and...
Marjorie W. San Clemente CA


We discovered New Mandarin Garden almost four years ago while we were on the search for a good local Chinese restaurant. We have been dining at the restaurant on a regular basis ever since. If you are looking for bad Chinese food that is doused heavily in corn-starched sauces, this is not the restaurant for you. However, if you are looking for well prepared Chinese food using quality ingredients, you have come to the right place!

New Mandarin Garden is consistently excellent. Dishes that I highly recommend are: Honey Walnut Shrimp, Sizzling Beef, Cilantro Chicken, House Special Chicken, Dry Braised String Beans. They also make a good Sweet & Sour Chicken if you like that dish. Services are attentive and are never rude. The owners always make you feel welcome and special. Prices are so reasonable that we almost feel guilty about it. We just had dinner there last night. For four adults and two children, our check came to $66.39 with a 20% tip included and leftovers for lunch. We are VERY thankful to have New Mandarin Garden in San Clemente!
Joy04 San Clemente CA
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