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  • Authentic German Music
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  • Wonderful Bratwursts
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What's better than enjoying the cool ocean breeze as you chill in the amazing Southern California town of San Clemente? Well, the answer is having a cold brewski during the Annual ORANGE COUNTY Octoberfest whilst enjoying the cool ocean breeze as you chill in the amazing Southern California town of San Clemente. That's what!

The following breweries are slated to be there: Lagunitas, Left Coast, Ballast Point...and my favorite, Pizza Port!
A portion of the proceeds from this event will be donated to the

The OLD TOWN SAN CLEMENTE is the perfect spot to host our annual Oktoberfest.  Eric (Owner) has been super awesome to work with and all of the store owners in the square are stoked to host the event.  If you haven't been here in a while, you really need to stop by and check it out!  Lots of great shops and businesses in here!  We think Los Patios will probably get a taco cart going (which is fantastic) in addition to the delicious Oktoberfest Brats.

Special thanks to the City of San Clemente, The San Clemente Chamber of Commerce, 
the Orange County Sheriff's Department and the Orange County Fire Authority!


Purchasing Food & Drinks at the Event

Food and beverage tickets will be sold at the entrance, the ticket booth (inside of the event), and by roaming beer girls.  We will accept cash and all major credit cards. (No checks please.)  


We've got some of the greatest breweries in the biz folks!  You can count on them bringing out their best!  Here's the line up:

Left Coast Brewery (Featuring: Coming Soon!)- Delicious Beer, Local Brew, now sit back and allow your taste buds to enjoy!

Lagunitas Brewery (Featuring: IPA, Czech Style Pils, and Little Sumpin')  - Okay.. maybe not super local, but SUPER delicious!

Pizza Port Brewery (Featuring: Hoptoberfest & Bob Loblaw Lager) - Love their beer, love their pizza AND we helped them brew the Hoptoberfest for Oktoberfest! (It's reeeeaaally good!)

Ballast Point Brewery (Featuring: Sculpin & Oktoberfest) - One of the exceptional breweries from San Diego!  We're very excited to have them at the event!
Drink from DAS BOOT! (Limited quantities available) 
We will have a limited quantity of commemorative 1-Liter DAS BOOT's for purchase at the event! These will go quickly, so make sure you get there early! (Tip from the Pros: If you buy a boot you will look cooler than everyone else, AND save some coin on refills.)

Now that we have your attention!  The San Clemente Elks Lodge (#2068) will be serving up the delicious German sausages hot off their massive trailer grill!  Oh, and don't forget the sauerkraut and mustard!  BTW, if you are not a member of the Lodge, then you are missing out my friend.  You just ain't cool unless your an Elk!  (Trust us!)

Entertainment & Live Music


Schwaubapower Band (10:30am - 1:30pm)
Coming all the way from Germany for your listening and dancing delight, Schwaubapower is gonna rock your socks off!  These guys are the real deal!  So much so, that we actually had a difficult time communicating with them when we booked them... (they're real Germans!)  We got it all worked out and they will be here in San Clemente in full effect!  Oh, by the way, don't try to out drink these guys... trust us, you will lose and be embarrassed in front of all your friends.

Oktoberfest Oom-Pah All Stars Band (2:00pm - 5:00pm)
Okay, so maybe their not coming all the way from Germany but these guys put on a fantastic show and El Cajon is pretty darn far by bus. These gents come in hot, and with a full set of brass, really pump out the Oom Pah love for adoring fans!  If you're nice, they just may whip out the chicken dance song or some good old Frankie Yankovich covers!  Get your dance on with the Oktoberfest Oom-Pah All-Stars coming live to SC Oktoberfest 2013!


HEADLINING: Vinnie and the Hooligans (5:30pm - 7:00pm)
We're obviously soooo stoked to have Vinnie and the Hooligans booked for Oktoberfest!  This is some serious toe tappin' music for the working class my friends!  While they may not be a traditional Oktoberfest oompah band (not at all in fact) they're going to bring the fire and burn the house down!  If you haven't seen these guys then get ready to have your mind blown!  If you have seen them, then get ready to have your mind blown again!  Either way, lots of mind blowin' going on...

Contests / Activities

Das Brat Toss!
Grab your partner and hone in your skills on chucking some wieners!  (...We're talking about Bratwursts ya perv!)  Let's see how skilled you can be with a mighty bratwurst in hand!  This is another fun game of accuracy and skill that you should definitely try!  You just may surprise yourself when you "TOSS DAS BRATWURST!!!"

Keg Bowling
Now this is something you simply must try!  Keg bowling is a quintessential mix between brawn and precision!  It's actually harder than it looks... (that's what she said!)  We don't think you'll be putting too much spin on this one, so leave your bowling shoes, shirt and wrist support at home this time!  (Unless of course you're one of those strange fellas who carries bowling garb in the trunk of their car all the time for that impromptu "just in case" extreme bowling battle!)

Beer Stein Holding Contest
How Long? How Strong? How Wrong...  The super fit guys and gals from Foundation Fitness San Clemente will be hosting this strongman competition!  (Be advised that this is not your traditional stein holding competition and there may be a couple surprises mixed in.)  Regardless, plan to have a hootenanny of a time and make sure your friends are cheering you on to the finish!

Wiener Dog Walk Off - High Fashion - Throughout the day
Do you want to show off your wiener???  What better place to do it than Oktoberfest!  We will be hosting a Wiener Dog Walk Off on the red carpet!  (Wiener dog optional.)  Bring your pup in hot new fashions for fall.  If your "dog" wins you just might get a pretty special prize!

Attention! Dogs that are not dressed in costume will not be allowed into the event.  In addition, large breeds (specifically Pitbulls, Mastiffs, German Shepherds, Dobermans, etc.) are prohibited.

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