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Secret Ways You Can Learn German Fast

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Secret Ways You Can Learn German Fast

Date: 05/11/2014

Are you wondering how you can learn to speak and understand German fast and easy? You might even ask yourself if it is even possible. Maybe you are planning a trip to Austria or even directly to Hamburg in Germany. It does not matter what your reason is for learning the German language, as long as you know how to learn German fast and easy so that you can converse with your new found holiday friends as fast as you can. They will respect you so much more for learning their proud language to begin with. You will be surprised how many doors it can open for you over there.

It's really not as difficult as you might think. An important aspect of learning any foreign language is to develop a good ear for the way the new language sounds. Listen to native German speakers as they talk. You will discover that many German sounds, sound totally different from their English rival. "Th" in German is pronounced like an English "T." The letter "G" is never soft, either. Features like this make German sound harsh and hard to the English ear but the more you listen and identify them, the easier it will be for you to learn German fast, because you're internalizing the sound of the language.

Now, rent a movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, or any actor or actress with a pronounced German accent. Practice speaking some of the actor's lines, mimicking the accent as closely as possible. You're still speaking English but you're using your newly-trained ear to teach yourself what German feels like on the tongue. Becoming familiar with the sound and feel of the German language will help you master the German language faster than if you were to learn it from scratch as a foreign sounding language.


Of course, neither of those steps really teaches you German. For that you need some kind of course. Many people nowadays enjoy online learning, because they can study at their own pace and repeat lessons until they've mastered them. Others prefer learning from CDs or through taking a class. Whichever way you choose to study, however, make sure your coursework emphasizes oral conversation. Learning German is a dynamic activity, and you can't learn to speak the language from a book because the book can't speak back. You will learn German fast only if you speak it and hear it spoken.

Please take note of this very important tip as you learn to speak German: remember that all German nouns have genders they are either masculine, feminine, or neuter. This isn't something we have to worry about in English, so gendered nouns may be new to you. Masculine nouns include dog (der Hund) and coat (der Mantel). Feminine nouns include blanket (die Decke) and vacation (die Ferien). Neuter nouns include house (das Haus) and pig (das Schwein). As you can see, the article "the" can be translated as either "der," "die," or "das" depending upon the gender of the noun it accompanies. There's no way to predict whether a noun is going to be masculine, feminine, or neuter, so if you want to learn German fast, always remember to learn the proper article at the same time you learn the noun.

Finally, here is the most important way to learn German fast: I recommend you make a German friend so that you can practice having a German conversation whenever you have the opportunity to do so! Dialogues on tapes or CDs are great, but to really get the feel of a language, you need to speak it just as you would your own. For that you need a partner. You'll not only learn German fast that way, but you'll improve your social life at the same time!

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