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Top 10 Oktoberfest Party Ideas

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Top 10 Oktoberfest Party Ideas

Written By: Damian
Date: 05/10/2014

Oktoberfest takes place over 16 days in September and October every year in Bavaria. In addition there are many private Oktoberfest parties thrown throughout the world. You can throw your own with the help of the following Oktoberfest party ideas:

1. Get some cardboard to make your invitations. Cut out shapes of lederhosen, beer goggles, beer glasses, beer kegs, beer steins and bratwurst. Remember to say on your invites that they will be charged an admittance fee if they fail to dress up!

2. For costumes, the guys are expected to wear lederhosen leather shorts. They are truly horrible but very funny. Get some braces to hold them up! Also you'll need some knee height white socks and a hat with a feather in!

3. Ladies, you get to wear traditional Alpine peasant girl costume. This includes a lacy blouse and a tight bodice.

4. Get your decorations in the colors of blue and white, the Bavarian flag color. Get blue and white balloons and place them everywhere.

5. Try and make your venue look like a traditional brau haus bier keller! You can do this with long wooden tables and benches stretching right across the room!


6. Cut out bratwursts, lederhosen, beer glasses and beer kegs from cardboard and hang them from the ceiling. If you're ambitious, you can also hang gingerbread men up too.

7. Get some German flags to hang on the walls. Also get plenty of mini versions to place on the tables.

8. If its in your budget why not hire out a brass band to play some traditional beer hall music.

9. You should make some of the many famous German dishes such as; garlic bread, weiner schnitzel, sausage stuffed mushrooms, pretzels, sauerkraut, nuremburgers, meatloaf, bratwurst, black forest cake, apple strudel and gingerbread.

10. Of course, the most important element of any Oktoberfest party is the beer. Make sure you stock up with plenty! Make sure it is German beer! There will be people wanting to try many different sorts of beer so get in a variety.

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