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I was able to do a bit of background research on the product line Stacy uses - Vivant.  Learning about this high-quality skincare line makes me appreciate the services at Simple Touch even more because I know that excellent products are going on my face.

I had a wonderful microderm & facial here.  Stacy, the owner, is knowledgeable, friendly, and very nice.  Her prices are fair, she uses great products, and the environment is relaxing.  Highly recommend!
Lucian F. - Corona, CA


The treatments I have received at Simple Touch have always left me feeling relaxed and wonderful.  The incredibly comfortable atmosphere Stacy has created in her shop makes you feel as if you've completely left the world outside.  The service given is worth much more than the prices she charges and i can't wait for my next appointment.
Tommy C. - San Clemente CA


Very small place, the owner seems to do all the work. EXTREMELY friendly and personable. Through our discussion I told her I was about to go surfing, she mentioned she had a surf shop, gave me pointers and even a mini lesson after my wax! As for the actual product received, an eyebrow wax, I couldn't have been happier. She took her time, asked repeatedly if I was satisfied or if it needed adjustments - and the price was just right. HIGHLY recommend. I will definitely make this my regular spot.
Alex L. Camp Pendleton North, CA


My girlfriend always raved how wonderful Stacy is.  I was always really happy with my esthetician.  When she left on maternity leave, I went and tried Stacy.  It was the most amazing facial I had ever had!  I have been going to her ever since.  She is incredibly knowledgeable and listened to all of my skin concerns.  Her studio makes you feel like your at your own private day spa.  From the smell when you walk in the door to the amazing products she uses during your treatment make you feel like you went on vacation.  I highly recommend Stacy!
Sienna L. San Clemente, CA
Sienna L. San Clemente, CA


I've been going to Stacy at Simple Touch for almost a year and I live in San Diego! I can't find anyone else who uses Vivant products, has an awesome, ergonometric bed that warms up on colder days, has reasonable prices and packages, and pays attention to details like Stacy does. She uses warm/hot towels, thoroughly cleanses the entire face and neck, and always removes every single product that needs to be removed before the service is done. It's also quiet and peaceful. I've had a microderm and never had to pick the grains out of my hair or ears, or be surprised by a piece of mask that wasn't removed. She is very thorough and gentle. I highly recommend the Pumpkin facial/mask, especially for the fall and winter seasons. I've had it three times (once a month) and the smell got me in the mood for the holidays. It's also exfoliating without over drying. My skin looks so much better now that I go to Stacy that my husband always gives me compliments. I used to go to my local salon and a doctor's office to help clear up my acne, but they were very expensive and I hated the products they used. Now, even though I still have some hormonal acne around the jawline, it's 100 times better than a year ago and the rest of my face has cleared up, isn't red any more, and is soft enough that I don't have to slather on lotions to keep from peeling. That in itself is worth the drive. One other thing, Stacy is holistic and doesn't hesitate to recommend natural products for my skin like witch hazel and tea tree oil. No other esthetician ever did that, so I can tell she cares about helping me with my skin.
Lara S. San Diego, CA
Lara S. San Diego, CA
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