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Doctor Who: Army of Ghosts

Army of Ghosts

Doctor Who: Army of Ghosts

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Doctor Who: Army of Ghosts - 22X28 matted autograph presentation featuring the autographs of:

David Tennant                          (The Doctor)
Billie Piper                                (Rose)
Noel Clarke                              (Mickey)
Camille Coduri                         (Jackie Tyler)
Tracy Ann Oberman                (Yvonne Hartman)
Freema Agyeman                    (Adeola)
David Warwick                        (Police Commissioner)
Barbara Windsor                     (Peggy Mitchell in EastEnders)
Raji James                              (Dr. Singh)
Hadley Fraser                         (Gareth)
Nick Briggs                             (Cyberman voices)
Paul Kasey                             (Cyberleader)
Barnaby Edwards                   (Dalek)

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Doctor Who: Army of Ghosts

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