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Doctor Who: The Waters of Mars

Matted Autograph Presentation

The Waters of Mars

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Includes the authentic autographs of:

David Tennant                           (The Doctor)
Lindsay Duncan                        (Adelaide Brooke)
Peter O'Brien                            (Ed Gold)
Aleksandar Mikic                      (Yuri Kerenski)
Gemma Chan                           (Mia Bennett)
Sharon Duncan-Brewster         (Maggie Cain)
Chook Sibtain                           (Tarak Ital)
Alan Ruscoe                             (Andy Stone)
Cosima Shaw                           (Steffi Ehrlich)
Michael Goldsmith                    (Roman Groom)
Paul Kasey                               (Ood Sigma)
Phil Ford                                   (Writer)
Graeme Harper                        (Director)
Gary Russell                            (Script Editor)

Created by Thomas Rucktenwald


The signature(s) contained on this presentation are guaranteed authentic for the life of the presentation.

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Doctor Who: The Waters of Mars

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