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Doctor Who: Doomsday


Doctor Who: Doomsday

Product Description

Doctor Who: Doomsday - 22X28 inch matted autograph presentation featuring the autographs of:

David Tennant                          (The Doctor)
Billie Piper                                (Rose)
Noel Clarke                              (Mickey)
Camille Coduri                         (Jackie Tyler)
Shaun Dingwall                        (Pete Tyler)
Andrew Hayden-Smith             (Jake Simmonds)
Tracy Ann Oberman                 (Yvonne Hartman)
Raji James                               (Dr. Singh)
Nick Briggs                              (Cyberman/Dalek voices)
Barnaby Edwards                    (Dalek)

Created by Thomas Rucktenwald


The signature(s) contained on this presentation are guaranteed authentic for the life of the presentation.

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Doctor Who: Doomsday

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